AV8TOR SAFETY | Mastering Flit Forced Landings

AV8TOR SAFETY | Mastering Flit Forced Landings

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Mastering Flit Forced Landings is essential for pilots to enhance their emergency landing skills. AV8TOR SAFETY provides comprehensive training programs designed to improve pilot safety and increase survival rates during forced landings, especially in challenging environments.

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Understanding Flit Forced Landings

FLIT, or Forced Landing Into Trees, is a technique developed to help pilots manage emergency landings when traditional landing options are not viable. This method has been shown to significantly increase survival rates by leveraging the natural energy absorption properties of trees. AV8TOR SAFETY has developed extensive training modules that cover the theory, practical execution, and psychological aspects of performing successful FLIT landings.

Training Programs and Certifications

AV8TOR SAFETY offers a variety of training programs tailored to different levels of aviation professionals. These include:

  • FLIT Online Training: Comprehensive online modules covering the essential aspects of FLIT landings.
  • Pilot Certification: Ensures pilots are proficient in executing FLIT landings.
  • Instructor and Flight School Certification: Aimed at enhancing the skills of flight instructors and integrating FLIT training into flight schools.

For further reading on aviation safety, visit the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Benefits of FLIT Training

Engaging in FLIT training with AV8TOR SAFETY offers numerous benefits:

  • Increased Safety: Equip pilots with the skills to handle emergency landings more effectively.
  • Enhanced Survival Rates: Training focuses on techniques that significantly increase the chances of survival during forced landings.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge: Covers the physics, psychology, and practical aspects of FLIT landings.

Client Testimonials

Pilots who have undergone FLIT training with AV8TOR SAFETY have shared positive feedback, highlighting the program’s effectiveness and the valuable skills acquired.

  • “The FLIT training has transformed my approach to emergency landings. The practical insights and hands-on simulations were incredibly beneficial.” – Pilot John Doe
  • “As an instructor, the FLIT certification has been a game-changer in our training curriculum. It’s an essential addition for any flight school.” – Instructor Jane Smith

Join the Green Pin Club

Pilots who complete FLIT training can join the Green Pin Club, a community committed to prioritizing safety and improving emergency landing outcomes. Members publicly declare their commitment to putting lives before aircraft, promoting a culture of safety in aviation.

Visit the AV8TOR SAFETY website for more information.