Karmini Balwanth | Licensed Psychologist for Counselling

Karmini Balwanth | Licensed Psychologist for Counselling

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Licensed Psychologist for Counselling, Karmini Balwanth offers professional psychological services with a personal touch. Specializing in individual therapy, couples counselling, and psychological assessments, Karmini provides a safe and confidential space for clients to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. With a compassionate approach and evidence-based practices, Karmini aims to empower individuals to achieve their personal and relational goals.

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081 539 9404Waterfall Office Park, Unit A14 Lone Creek,
Mac-Mac Road, Midrand, 1686

In today’s fast-paced world, taking care of one’s mental health has never been more important. Karmini Balwanth understands the complexities of modern life and the impact it can have on mental well-being. Offering services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, Karmini specializes in a range of therapeutic approaches designed to support healing and growth.

Seeking professional help can be a pivotal step towards personal development and well-being. Resources like the American Psychological Association (APA) and Psychology Today provide extensive information on the benefits of counselling and psychotherapy. These platforms highlight the importance of working with a licensed psychologist to navigate life’s challenges effectively.

Karmini Balwanth’s practice is grounded in confidentiality, respect, and understanding. By integrating various therapeutic modalities, Karmini facilitates a process of self-discovery and transformation, encouraging clients to lead more fulfilling lives. Whether dealing with stress, relationship issues, or seeking personal growth, Karmini’s professional guidance offers a path to resilience and emotional wellness.

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