Urban Studio Designs | Durban’s Top Insect Screen Suppliers

Urban Studio Designs | Durban’s Top Insect Screen Suppliers

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Durban’s top insect screen suppliers at Urban Studio Designs provide a highly effective solution to keep unwanted insects and curious monkeys out of your home. They offer a variety of custom-made screens designed to enhance the comfort and security of your living spaces in Durban, ensuring fresh air flow while keeping pests out.

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031 205 1656
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527 Lena Ahrens Rd, Glenwood, 4001

Urban Studio Designs specializes in both vertical and horizontal screens, making them versatile for any window type in your home. Their screens are crafted using PVC-coated fiberglass designed specifically for both insect and monkey resistance, ensuring durability and effectiveness.

For those looking to delve deeper into the effectiveness and maintenance of these screens, visiting sites like Consumer Reports or This Old House provides extensive insights and recommendations on selecting and caring for residential screens. These resources can help homeowners make informed decisions about which screen types will best suit their home’s needs.

The range of products offered by Urban Studio Designs includes:

  • Window Screens: Available in sash (vertical) and sliding (horizontal) configurations.
  • Door Screens: Side-hinged door screens made with tough mesh suitable for both single and double doors.
  • Sliding Screen Doors: Equipped with top and bottom wheels for effortless sliding, available in single, double, and triple track systems.

Each screen is custom-made to ensure a perfect fit and is constructed with marine-grade aluminum powder-coated frames to withstand harsh environmental conditions without degrading. This level of customization and quality makes Urban Studio Designs stand out as a top provider in Durban.

The screens not only serve as a barrier against pests but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your home. They are designed to be discreet and can seamlessly integrate into any architectural style, from modern to traditional, without compromising the look of your property.

Investing in high-quality insect and monkey screens from Urban Studio Designs enhances your living environment by providing security against wildlife and pests, while also allowing you to enjoy the natural ventilation of Durban’s climate without the nuisance of intruders.

For homeowners in Durban looking to improve their quality of life and protect their homes from pests, Urban Studio Designs offers the best solutions with their extensive range of insect and monkey screens. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that every installation meets the highest standards.

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